Why UniquePak?

Uniquepak is an Australian owned and Australian/Chinese based packaging importer that is focussed on introducing unique packaging innovation to global brand owners.

Our strength though lies in the following key areas:  

  1. We have decoration capability currently not delivered by other local importers and manufacturers.
  2. We have in-house design capability allowing us to design new bottles within 3-4 days and provide line drawings and 3D rendered images.
  3. We deliver products to market quickly whilst still minimising risk by following the sampling process – our sales people deal directly with our China office who deal directly with our suppliers, we do not use agents or internal bureaucratic divisions with varying priorities.
  4. Our MOQ’s are relatively low compared with many of our competitors.
  5. We have locally based QC personnel based in China to ensure good quality products are manufactured.
  6. We are flexible and nimble allowing us to react quickly to trends and introduce innovation.

Glass Packaging

Glass Packaging





Box Packaging